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Spring 2017
Hello Folks,

Well, it's letter time again and I've either got to write the letter or do my taxes…the letter it is!

There's much to tell so I'll try to leave out some detail.  Some of it was happening as I was trying to finish the last letter.  We've had about 4 teens make decisions.  Even though we just baptized several,  it looks like we've got a whole mess of people for another go.  I am a little concerned about a couple of them as they haven't been as faithful as we'd like to see.

Something else new is a radio program we are airing.  We have a half-hour to run a pre-recorded Portuguese Bible study five days a week.  We can't air on Thursday because the city council airs their "weekly debate" so we run Saturday instead.  At $80 dollars a month it seems like a good investment.  It airs at night in hopes the people interior who can get radio but not TV will listen.

I continue to dink along on the parsonage work - usually alone.  I'm almost done and have been for almost a year.  While working one day I heard a boy in the house next door. I'm not sure who started it, but we got into a game where he'd call out "Ó de casa" and I'd answer.  That means "Hello in the house" and is a phrase you might call out when you come up to a house, especially if it's too far away to hear you clap - which is the normal way to knock.  So the boy, Paulinho, (Paul-een-you) would call out and I'd answer back and forth and back and forth until one of us tired - always me.  Sometimes we'd call out silly things. Sometimes he'd bring other kids to the window and call out to show them.  Then one day as I passed in front of his house I saw him and called out to him.  He was all embarrassed at first but we eventually became friends and he often came to visit while I worked.  I've even taken him home to play with "my" toys.  He never learned my name but still calls me Pastor Ó-de-casa.  Even funnier was his parents calling me that, too, at first.  They are fairly active members of a cult so pray that this can grow to an opportunity show them the difference of the Truth.

In August, Greyson, our youngest, will start his senior year.  As with William, we plan to take a six month furlough first semester of 2018 for him to graduate from a school in the US.  This is uncomfortable for a school as they are asked to validate the quality of an education they didn't control.  There were some difficulties getting things aligned, but most of the big kinks had been ironed out.  Then we got an offer for him to live with a student's family first semester so he can not only go to school the whole year, but also be involved with some of the ministries there. He pretty much IS the music program here, so he will be sorely missed especially as we are trying to ready the congregation for our exodus.  Pray for us.

And just as he's leaving, Dalton and his family are coming here!  Destinie is studying Portuguese and little Chase is learning some words, too, and baby Mariyah, well, she's cute in any language.  We're excited the grandkids are coming and it's nice the parents get to come along, too.

Also part of our furlough preparations is the issue of a replacement.  We are talking with a promising candidate for the pastorate.  He really seems to be a good fit for what they need right now, but finances will be a problem.  Both I and the mother church will likely need to subsidize them for awhile.  Pray for this process with Pastor Máximo.

I guess that about covers all the big stuff.  Until next time we're…

Yours in Him,

The Athas in Brazil                                                

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